Parenting in Times of Uncertainty

Model a flexible mindset & lead with empathy  Life isn’t always perfect, and in this season it feels like unexpected changes are happening all the time. Teach your teen about how they can manage their expectations during this season.  We all experience uncomfortable emotions  This one goes out to all my pre-teens who are figuring […]

I Wanted to Be Beautiful but Didn’t Believe I Was

I was born in Virginia, near Washington DC. I grew up with a mom and dad and a younger sister. My parents are immigrants; they’re from Nigeria. It was wonderful and interesting growing up in a multicultural household; I had a great upbringing. I was raised in a supportive family who told me I could […]

2 Ways to Deal With Comparison

Comparison can come in so many different forms, and I’ve found myself identifying all the random ones throughout my life. Generally, when we think of “comparison,” we think of comparing successes or body types. However, it is a little different for me. I would always worry about how people saw me versus how people would […]

Expecting the Unexpected: How My Faith Was Tested in College

Going into the Fall of 2016, I thought I had everything planned for college. I came into college with my major already set, my new CU Nike gear as a D1 athlete, and my three Bibles. I took the right classes in high school and listened to my teachers. I went to church on Sundays […]

Why I Needed Quarantine

When you first see this title, it might seem insensitive to say that I needed quarantine. This time of isolation was caused by a global health crisis and response that is definitely on a much grander scale than my needs. However, I think this title accurately represents how God can use an international problem to […]

Build a Strong Relationship With Your Teen: Respond, Don’t React

“Responding” versus “reacting.” They sound like the same thing, right? These words sit side by side in the thesaurus, so surely they are interchangeable. That might be true at face value, but it is far from true when applied to the relational value these words hold. When it comes to our teens, responding to them […]

Parenting Through Adolescent Emotions

Parenting through the emotions of adolescents can be tough work. I like to think of it as attending a bad musical performance. The nervous singer belts out flat melodies. Guitars are in the wrong key. The piano hits those shrill notes that scrape your eardrums. That’s called musical dissonance or disharmony, and it’s no fun […]

All We Have Is All We Need: The Truth About Comparison

I’ve struggled with comparison ever since I can remember. As a child, one of the words we learn early on is “mine,” and as much as I hate to admit it, the word has stuck with me ever since. Now, you might be tempted to stop reading here because you’ve heard all the comparison talks […]

Supporting an Anxious Teen: A Parent’s Perspective

I have parented two children who both had their own experiences with different levels of anxiety but managed to adjust their lives in a way that addresses their specific challenges. Looking back on the journey, here is my advice to other parents: First, it feels like a parenting failure when you realize your child can’t […]

5 Tips on Learning to Love Yourself

Shortly after I graduated from high school, I quickly understood the meaning of anxiety and depression. You see, not only did the Columbine shooting happen during my last year of high school, but then just two years later, we experienced the most terrifying terrorist attack in the history of our nation, now commonly referred to […]