God Is With You in the Small Things

Everything happens for a reason. I am blessed to have had an excellent high school experience, but that does not mean I did not go through many hard times. My years in high school taught me so much, and my faith grew in ways I could not imagine. Looking back, one of the most important […]

Do You Have to Be Liked By Everyone?

I am sure some of you can relate, but I have always been a people-pleaser. I grew up in a home where there were many conflicts and I JUST HATED CONFLICT, so I would do whatever it would take to not ruffle any feathers. I literally became a chameleon. I would turn into whoever everyone […]

Working Hard to Earn Love

Feeling like you have to be “good enough” to deserve love is exhausting and always leaves you feeling empty and helpless. But God has given us so much more.

Designer Clothes, or Designed Love?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? What voices, words, labels, do you carry in your little “Mary Poppins” bag? Are you hearing the truth of who this magnificent creator of ours made you to be, or is the climate at your school, your friends, the boys, creating the toxic tornado that takes your breath away and steals who you are?

Through the eyes of a Body (In)Secure

  For about 13 years, I fought a battle so ingrained in my skin that breaking the mold has ended up being the baseball bat shattering the very center of me. The thing with this 13-year battle is that it wasn’t defined until about 5 years ago. I didn’t realize the force of destruction that […]

God’s Presence in the Ordinary

A note to those who seem to find trouble keeping their faith and trust God’s goodness during seasons of waiting, dullness, or hard circumstances:     Some of you have experienced great, big, booming “God moments.” They’re pretty cool. Maybe it was when you were away from your phone for two weeks at camp, and […]

Ideals of Beauty

I lose myself looking into the mirror Forget who I am beneath the skin Wonder if the girl inside is still there Thinking could it all be different If I could change the person standing here . . Isn’t it easier to wish we could be like the person standing over there? Comparing ourselves to […]

Everyone Seems Happy, but What About You?

“He longs for you to walk with Him in this hour. He longs for you to hear His voice when you read His Word. He longs for you to trust Him through every layer of confusion, frustration, and bitterness that has been so heavy on your heart lately.” – Morgan Harper Nichols To those who […]

5 Keys for a Healthy High School Romance

During my freshman year of high school, I was meeting new people, having memorable experiences but, I was also watching my close friends from grade school drift apart. I found myself praying for someone to talk to and spend time with. Within a few weeks, a boy from my seventh grade math class had reached […]