Don’t Be a Mean Girl

In almost every girl’s life, they have either been a mean girl or encountered a mean girl. I know that I have! Many times, I just fell into a particular group of friends that just happened to be mean girls. Honestly, it felt like in Middle School, High School, and College, that’s just how some […]

Here’s Why Approval Can’t Be Your Ultimate Goal

Step 1: Ask yourself, did I actually do anything disrespectful to this person who does not seem to like me? If you feel like the answer is YES, Maybe it is time to chat with that person about the situation and hopefully resolve it. Apologize when necessary and be careful not to hold on to […]

Do You Have to Be Liked By Everyone?

I am sure some of you can relate, but I have always been a people-pleaser. I grew up in a home where there were many conflicts and I JUST HATED CONFLICT, so I would do whatever it would take to not ruffle any feathers. I literally became a chameleon. I would turn into whoever everyone […]

3 Tips for Creating Emotional Boundaries

I am not sure if you have ever struggled with this, but I am the type of person that has no filter! I just say exactly what is on my heart, which can be a good thing sometimes, but other times, can make me feel exposed and vulnerable. This is especially true when I have […]

From Graduation to Quarantine: A Note to the Class of 2020

We are the class of 2020. We thought that distinction would be something pretty special. What a great year to be graduating! 20’s themed dances, senior retreats, senior privileges, and traditions at school. We thought it would be a big celebration of the times that we’ve had. Now this crazy thing called coronavirus has taken […]

I Started Vaping at 18. Here’s What I learned

We all learned growing up never ever to touch a cigarette. We didn’t live in the cigarette generation, and I’m so thankful for that, but we’re in the midst of a similar issue now. When I was 18, I was introduced to what I now know as a Juul. A Juul is an e-cigarette, chemicals, […]

Sex-Traffickers “Groom” Teens Online – Here’s What You Need To Know

The average age of a trafficked girl or boy in the US is 12-14 and spans all socioeconomic identifiers. The grooming process thrives on many social media platforms and hookup apps like Tinder, Grind, online games, Tumblr, Pinterest and of course, Instagram and Snapchat and might appear to be harmless to teens at first. “Grooming” […]

My Boyfriend Is Addicted to Porn. How Does It Affect Him?

A healthy person is balanced spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. This person also thinks about and serves others more than himself or herself. Sadly, viewing pornography attacks health in every one of these areas. And the damaging effects are profound both personally and relationally. So, what are the unhealthy side effects of viewing pornography? Spiritually, […]

Should You Overlook His Porn Addiction?

Pornography is deadly. It can kill hopes, dreams and romantic connection. It can distort a brain, overtake emotions, harm a body and devastate a soul. So, I ask you: “Why would you date someone who is headed down that lonely, lifeless path?” The pornography-impacted brain is regularly searching. It has downloaded into its pleasure center […]

The “Perfect Body” Will Never Make You Happy

Obtaining the “perfect body” will never make you happy. I can say this because I used to believe it would. I really wanted it to make me happy and I fought for it with everything I had. I portioned my food and I lived in the gym. The scale became my friend and my enemy […]