Parenting: What To Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

We’ve All Been There At some point, it seems like every mom of a teen girl witnesses the heartache, trauma, or failures in her daughter’s life and says, “I miss when she was little, and band-aids fixed the problems.” Sound familiar? During my daughter’s high school years, there have been many seasons when her life […]

Class of 2020 Parents, It’s Okay to Be Sad.

Thousands of schools are closed nationwide due to the Coronavirus, which also means that the class of 2020 is experiencing the devastating loss of their senior year being cut short. I imagine many students are celebrating the fact that they get to sleep in late and escape the obstacles that come with being a high […]

4 Important Things a Mom Should Do For Her Teen Daughter

Sometimes it is hard to know how you can best support your teenage daughter. There are so many challenges during the teen years, which create unique parenting challenges in and of themselves. Here are 4 ways that a mom can love her teenage daughter well. 1. Give your daughter permission to be imperfect With perfection […]