Learning to Let Go: The Story of Embracing ALL of Who We Are

I remember the first day I looked at myself differently. My hair a disheveled mess, my glasses a bit too big for my face staring back at me in a smudged bathroom mirror. I knew this was as good as it was going to get. This was the face God had given me and for […]


  Life has this peculiar way of sending unexpected adventures. Sometimes they are fun and leave us breathless and glowing; other times we are left in a tailspin with the comical birds and stars floating around our heads. But, what I have noticed through my years of adventuring this great planet is how we respond to these unexpected […]

Is Social Media Making You Jealous?

I am starting to notice that I have been letting my Instagram timeline determine my worth and direct my emotions. By nature, every time we scroll through the stretching line of photos, we are bombarded with couples that look SO in love, friends having a blast on vacation, and of course, the most beautiful selfie […]