Love Through His Eyes

“You are not enough.” That is the sentence I used to say to myself for a very long time. It started in my teenage years. When I was 15 years old, my parents told me they were getting a divorce. Some people I thought were my friends turned out not to be. I was lovesick. […]

Lessons From College

Katie is a senior in college and has a passion for women and hopes to see young girls grasp their identity. We are so excited to give her the opportunity to share some of the things she has learned along her journey. Girl Above is always looking to provide reliable and tangible life advice, and […]

Your Legs Are So Toned! Are You A Dancer?

I noticed her immediately when she walked into the gas station. I was in line to buy a bottle of water before dance class when she came through the doors and headed straight for the display of donuts. I was startled when I realized that from the moment she arrived, I had dove head first […]

Good Character Takes Practice

“I don’t Like Emily. I hate her bangs, and I seriously hate her eyeshadow.” “Yeah, and her dad totally looks like a drug dealer.” “When I’m older, if I am not a dentist, I want to be a stripper.” “Hey, want to know what Mary told me? I promised her I wouldn’t say but, Jessica […]

Insecurity: Doesn’t that word just haunt us?

Doesn’t that word just haunt us? It’s the view of yourself that you would never even think to relay to anyone. Something sometimes so deep down that you don’t wish to bring to the surface and talk about, yet so easily tell yourself over and over. The things that often flow through your mind as […]

From Harm to Healing: The Story of 12yr Old Alexis

My name is Alexis, I’m 12 years old, and I would love to share my story. I’m not sure how to start, but here goes nothing! I realize people may think I’m too young to have experienced real hurt, but I have gone through struggles with my weight and how I look. When I tell […]

Staying True to Yourself in College

College was amazing. It was one of the best and most challenging seasons of life. Challenging in so many ways, some of which were not anticipated and, looking back, I believe young women do not have enough conversations about all of the daily battles faced in college. Battles of self-worth, the power of stress and […]

A Reminder for the Broken

You think about it to calm down, to bring emotion to the numbness you feel. You believe that it is the only solution. The people around you have no clue you are struggling because you hide it so well behind your mask. You feel alone, like you lost yourself, and like everything is falling through […]