Christine’s Story – Depression/Self Harm

A NOTE FROM CHRISTINE Thank you for listening to my story. It is my sincere hope that through vulnerability and the pursuit of truth, we may all learn that we are here for a reason and we don’t have to be afraid to open up and reach out to others as we go through struggles […]

Taylor’s Story – Finding Hope After Tragedy

Dear Everyone, I know that there are days, where it seems like your entire world seems to be moving in slow motion. Don’t worry I have been there too, but there is hope. There is always a way to find happiness even through the darkest times. Look, life is not perfect, by any means, but […]

Qwynns Story – It is Possible To Love Yourself

A NOTE FROM QWYNN To everyone watching this: I love you! You are an amazing person, inside and out. You ARE loved. I struggled with life for a long time and I know exactly how you feel. I hope that my story has encouraged you to continue your beautiful journey of life. Always remember, it […]

Caitlyn’s Story – Finding Faith After Sexual Abuse

Dear Girls, Thank you for listening to my story. I am writing this to give you a little insight that I have found to be true throughout my life. The first thing is to find people that pour into you and you into them. It is so important to find friends that love you and […]