What To Do When Your Friend is Suicidal

Having a friend who has shared suicidal thoughts can be overwhelming and terrifying. You may feel an immense amount of pressure to do or say the right thing to help. Take a deep breath and know you are not supposed to be able to carry this on your own. Here are some steps you can […]

What to Do When Something Horrible Happens

A seemingly clear, sunny day is suddenly upended by a tornado-like storm churning up everything in its path. That’s what it’s like when unexpected pain hits us. With hindsight, you might now notice the minuscule signs before the weather abruptly changed – the wind picking up, that eerie sign creaking on its rusty hinges – […]

Everyone Seems Happy, but What About You?

“He longs for you to walk with Him in this hour. He longs for you to hear His voice when you read His Word. He longs for you to trust Him through every layer of confusion, frustration, and bitterness that has been so heavy on your heart lately.” – Morgan Harper Nichols To those who […]

An Open Letter to All the Girls With Scars

Before you quit reading and roll your eyes, hear me out. This is not a cry to love yourself and this is not a beg for you to just look on the brighter side of things. I am not talking at you or even to you but to myself. I am 7 months clean of self-harm. It was […]

Love Through His Eyes

“You are not enough.” That is the sentence I used to say to myself for a very long time. It started in my teenage years. When I was 15 years old, my parents told me they were getting a divorce. Some people I thought were my friends turned out not to be. I was lovesick. […]

3 Questions to Ask When You Start Losing Faith in Your Journey

Sometimes in life, it feels like you are a bird flying into a raging storm, not knowing where you’re heading, but just that you have to continue on. And you have the choice to admit defeat and let go of hope or to blindly trust in the unknown and the power and goodness of a […]

Good Character Takes Practice

“I don’t Like Emily. I hate her bangs, and I seriously hate her eyeshadow.” “Yeah, and her dad totally looks like a drug dealer.” “When I’m older, if I am not a dentist, I want to be a stripper.” “Hey, want to know what Mary told me? I promised her I wouldn’t say but, Jessica […]

From Harm to Healing: The Story of 12yr Old Alexis

My name is Alexis, I’m 12 years old, and I would love to share my story. I’m not sure how to start, but here goes nothing! I realize people may think I’m too young to have experienced real hurt, but I have gone through struggles with my weight and how I look. When I tell […]

Staying True to Yourself in College

College was amazing. It was one of the best and most challenging seasons of life. Challenging in so many ways, some of which were not anticipated and, looking back, I believe young women do not have enough conversations about all of the daily battles faced in college. Battles of self-worth, the power of stress and […]