Taylor’s Story – Finding Hope After Tragedy

Dear Everyone,

I know that there are days, where it seems like your entire world seems to be moving in slow motion. Don’t worry I have been there too, but there is hope. There is always a way to find happiness even through the darkest times. Look, life is not perfect, by any means, but there are things in life that are perfect. I get it, it’s so hard to find happiness in your worst moments, but it’s not impossible. Everyone in your life was put there for a reason, and if you let time do its work, you will start to see why they were there in the first place. But remember, you just have to keep pushing through and never give up. You are strong enough to do it. If I could, you can too. And remember it’s a process. Healing does not happen overnight, but I promise it does become easier. Life can be one big sloppy mess, full of confusing moments, and heartache, and crazy things, but that’s also the beauty of it as well if you have the willingness to look for beauty among ashes. Just stay hopeful, stay happy, and stay connected. I know it is so hard to stay connected when you feel completely broken and alone, but a community of people who love you will help you heal. Also, remember that anger does not solve anything. You have to be willing to learn to forgive the world and yourself. Don’t let what happened to you control you and ruin your life, but let it change you into a beautiful creation.

With all Love and Comfort,

Taylor G. (18)