Meet the Team

Krista DeYoung

Founder & CEO

Krista has been working with young girls for the past 10+ years in varying capacities. She has been a middle school and high school teacher, dance coach and mentor. Her personal story is a powerful one of rising from insecurity to leadership. She has crossed paths with countless young girls from different backgrounds and cultures and has been part of many stories that opened her eyes to the great need for the young women of today. She has a passion for authentic relationships and equipping young leaders to call their generation out of darkness, and into the light, hope and saving love of Jesus Christ.

Kathy Neely


Kathy is the mom of two daughters in college and is passionate about teens embracing the truth of their identity as beloved daughters of Christ. She believes this is of primary importance because, without this firm belief, teens are vulnerable to destructive behaviors that are influenced by our culture. Kathy is also a Regen Coach and the founder of a coaching practice called You Radiate

Virginia Hood


Virginia Hood has her Master’s Degree in clinical Mental Health Counseling, and works as a Counselor (LPCC) in private practice in Lone Tree, CO. She is passionate about working with young women who have anxiety and depression, and those struggling with issues of shame and self-worth. She became involved with Girl Above in 2016 after meeting founder Krista Van Allen and sharing similar stories from adolescence and young adulthood. Their common passion and experience sparked Virginia’s involvement in the monthly Mom’s Gatherings, where she speaks on topics that help moms live more fully and parent teens more effectively.

Dr. Angie Wall


Dr. Angie Wall is a licensed school psychologist and psychotherapist. She has been in practice for over 20 years helping parents and their children through the most difficult of times. Dr. Angie describes her approach to working with families as clinical yet compassionate and most importantly prayerful!

Wendy Behm

Mentor & Mother

Wendy is the mother of a teenage daughter and a son in college. She also mentors a group of young women in their twenties. Through these and other ministries, Wendy sees the negative impact of our culture on girls, regardless of their background. She invests in Girl Above because she hopes it will help young women find freedom from societal pressures and the anxiety, depression and self-harm that those pressures can cause.


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